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NLRB Curbs Abusive Behavior

NLRB Modifies Standard for Addressing Offensive Outbursts in the Course of Protected Activity  Finally!! The NLRB took a step towards curbing abusive behaviors committed by union members.  For decades, union members and stewards have verbally assaulted managers and...

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The Healthcare Manager’s Guide to Labor Relations

     For the last several years, I’ve been cobbling together the book I wanted when I was a young lawyer.  I didn’t need a book filled with law, or a dry regurgitation of labor relations basics, I needed a book filled with “secrets.”  I needed the stuff that the “crusty old guys” learned in the trenches (I’m one now, so I can say that.)  I wanted the tips and tricks.  I needed to know the quick and easy way to tame an unruly shop steward, to avoid gaffs in a negotiation proposal, and ways to stay out of an NLRB Field Office. I wanted a book filled with “war stories” that were relevant, relatable, and a little irreverent. I looked and looked, but I couldn’t find one. Soooo…I wrote it.

This book is a summation of my 25+ years of doing labor relations in the healthcare industry.  I spent my first seven years working for unions, then jumped over to the management side for most of my career.  I’ve bargained over 200 labor contracts and presented over 100 arbitrations.  I’ve worked in the public and private sector, representing rural nursing homes, small town clinics, state healthcare facilities, standalone hospitals, multi-billion dollar healthcare systems, and everything in between.  Most of the examples and stories in the book are my own.  Some of the book’s tips and tricks I acquired from others, some I invented, and some I can’t tell you about…at least not in public.  If you find some of them “relevant and relatable,” then I have met my goal.  If you have some more examples that would be helpful, illustrative, or just plain funny, let me know.  I may slide them in future editions.