Healthcare Labor Law

Learning is great.  Laughing is wonderful.  Laughing while learning? Priceless.


Scott Allan, JD, is the founder and curator of For over 25 years, people would tell him, “Ugh, I would never do your job.” He heard that over and over again.  He had the job no one wanted…and he loved it. No one jumped up and down to help him deal with the unions, negotiate a contract, prepare and present an arbitration, deal with the NLRB, handle an unfair labor practice, run a strike, or fend off an organizing drive. He had no volunteers. So he did it. He did it all.

It was a “long strange trip.” Scott spent seven years working for the unions before jumping to the management side of labor relations. Along the way, he racked up hundreds of stories. Some you’ll believe, some you won’t. A few will make you cringe; most will make you laugh…or gasp. But they all have a message. Each story links to a thought or idea. Every tale a parable.

By tunneling through mountains of examples, Scott can show your teams how to:

  • Tame an unruly union.
  • Negotiate better outcomes with less stress.
  • Create a labor relations strategy that works for YOU.
  • Tackle discipline with confidence.
  • Shave your labor expenses and get back your time.
  • Tips and tricks to stay union-free.

Are you looking for a speaker? Scott is available. Do you need someone to teach your teams the nuances of “just cause?” Scott is your guy. Have you wasted too much time in negotiations, and you need to wrap it up? Scott can show you how. Do you need a someone to tell funny stories at your cocktail party or company picnic? He can probably do that too.

Scott has helped dozens of companies navigate the choppy waters of a union workforce. Let him tell you how.