Healthcare Labor Law

Helping healthcare employers with labor relations.


On July 26, 1974, Congress gave private sector healthcare workers the right to join unions. Since that day, healthcare employers have been flooded with union activity. From organizing campaigns to strikes, healthcare employers have struggled to keep up with the aggressive tactics and disruptive behaviors of the union movement.

Have you felt…

Frustrated with a union steward?
Overwhelmed by grievances?
Stressed about negotiations?
Hassled by a union organizer?
Anxious about an arbitration?

We can help.

We are a network of Labor and Employee Relations professionals from the healthcare industry. Our goal is to raise your level of competence and comfort in handling union related matters. We believe with proper “healthcare focused” training, supervisors, managers, and healthcare executives can confidently cope with today’s union environment.

We believe…

Healthcare employers spend too much time on union activities.

Supervisors need to know more about their labor contracts and the law.

Well-trained supervisors reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary grievances and arbitrations.

By targeting our training programs specifically for healthcare employers, we are much more successful at achieving our goals.

Our Goals…

Dramatically reduce the time you spend on union matters.

Make leaders, not union stewards, the experts on labor contracts and law.

Create a workplace where employees ask, “Why do we have a union?”


Your job is to manage healthcare providers and support staff. You don’t want to be distracted by “union stuff.” It’s confusing and time consuming, especially if you’re a new manager. Let our team show you how to turn down the “labor noise” and get back to your calling – providing excellent patient care.